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Sainte G. Cake Company
Brand Strategy, Identity & Digital Design

Stereo typically, when we think of weddings we think of cursive script, flowers, whites, pastels, ivories and pinks, all shades of pinks. A stereotype yes, but given the majority of weddings today are still planned by the bride, it appears an apt one. A competitor analysis of the San Francisco Bridal Industry confirmed this majority theme. San Francisco’s Wedding Industry is big business. A simple Google search for “Wedding Cakes San Francisco” found 8,700 possible sources within the Bay Area alone. California also has the highest percentage of same sex couples in the US, having legalised Gay Marriage (again) in June 2013. On top of this, this food-centric city is also one the Hipster capitals of the world, a “fashion” trend that is already reputably quite unfashionable. The brand has had great result for owner Krista. The visual identity aligns with the hip food culture of San Francisco, yet contrasts the competitors with strength and modernity, and adapts across various mediums with a visual consistency.