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The InPlayers
Brand Strategy, Identity, Print & Digital Design

The InPlayers are the oldest English theatre company in Amsterdam, having staged performances for over 60 years. Very broad in style, their repertoire range from Shakespeare to modern classics, musicals, pantomimes, original works, play readings and workshops. They’re a very passionate, dedicated and talented group of individuals from all over the world - a melting pot of creative minds. In addition to the varied cultural make-up of this community, they’re also very varied in age, level of experience, mind-set and opinion. Add this to the dramatic and emotional theatre environment, and what you get is a explosive mix of free spirits, strong personalities, fierce ambitions, creative expression and powerful energy. 

My approach was embrace this complex dynamic and design a brand that embodies the many layers that make up the InPlayers, the power and energy that comes form such a collision of cultures and the strength that such dedication and ambition requires